NEXA’s partner Q-nomy installed Q-Flow patient flow into the Centre of Orhopaedics.

Centre for Orthopaedics is New York’s largest, independently owned musculoskeletal group, offering a comprehensive range of services for patients of all ages. With a catchment area of 300,000 people, the Centre has grown from 10,000 visits to 47,000 in the past two years and from 4 specialist providers to 12, making the management of patient flow an increasingly challenging issue.

Having installed Q-Flow, Dr John Noble commented: “Q-flow helped us focus on providing patient-centered, not doctor-centered care; In no way will technology be a substitute for the irreplaceable element of face-to-face interaction, but it will serve to improve our efficiency and accuracy, enabling us to spend more quality time with our patients, allowing us to recapture the personal aspect that has become lost in some areas of health care.” 

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