There’s a lot you can do even if you can’t “e” the patient…

Patient satisfaction comes first, writes customer experience expert and thought leader Micah Solomon in a Forbes article articulating the best ways healthcare providers can move forward in patient flow management, establishing their patients as happy and satisfied customers. While many aspects of healthcare delivery are being digitised to save costs, improve service and enable online [...]

The Prince Charles Hospital go from strength to strength with NEXA

“Every day before we had Q-Flow we would have two queues, from the reception desks … out the front doors and this would impact on ambulance staff and other critical visitors… now we haven’t had one queue!  This has relieved front line staff for other activities and has immensely improved the patient experience.” Belinda Faulkner, […]

Customer Journey Intelligence

Customer Journey Intelligence is the term we like to use to describe the methods and tools available for analysing customer flow and customer experience. As NEXA’s solutions generate plenty of information pertaining to the customer journey (to the store, and in it) there is much to analyse. NEXA’s Q-Flow Insight is a Customer Journey Intelligence [...]

Making Hospital Scheduling Work

Imagine that hospital personnel could only use a simple calendar for hospital appointment scheduling. Would such a basic appointment tool suffice to effectively schedule surgical procedures and other complex operations that require coordinating between schedules of multiple staff and resources? For example, suppose you are tasked with managing the staff’s schedule for planned appointments only. [...]

Macquarie University & NEXA

Although relatively young (50 years since it’s foundation), Macquarie University has already established an enviable reputation for research excellence.   Macquarie University is ranked among the highest-performing research universities in Australia.  Recognised globally for their pre-eminence in key research disciplines, they pursue excellence in a broad range of research areas, including those that are cross-disciplinary in nature.

A Clever and Simple Solution for Banks

Providing a software solution for banks might seem like a daunting task, especially when the issue at hand is customer experience and service. Phrases like 'customer data' and 'systems integration' spring to mind, followed by 'information security' and 'oh no, how much is this going to cost us?' Well, when NEXA’s software platform is being [...]