Optimising the Patient Journey workshop series highlights

With close to 35 million non-admitted patient service events provided by Australian public Hospitals and over 10 million hospitalisations per year (Source: AIHW 2016), applying technology solutions to healthcare is essential for health providers to cope with the increasing demands. NEXA is at the forefront of patient journey management in Australia and are thought-leaders on [...]

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey

Customer needs product/service. Customer sees that your product/service fits their need. Customer buys product/service from you. Is any exchange ever that simple? We can assure you that most of the time, it won’t be. Which is why, rather than focusing on simply trying to funnel your customer to a single end point via one well-trodden [...]

Overcoming Old Habits With Q-Flow Exchange Bridge

Organisations upgrading from personal calendars to enterprise-grade appointment management solutions like Q‑nomy’s Q-Flow, know what they’re gaining. Q-Flow delivers the type of calendar capacity management and resource optimisation, cross-department load balancing, and real-time management tools that personal calendar systems cannot offer. Not to mention the many back-office and Omni-channel integration options offered by Q‑nomy. However, many businesses face an [...]