Access CanberraAccess Canberra is a new initiative derived from a number of Canberra State Government agencies.

Access Canberra was established on 16 December 2014 to better support and connect the public of Canberra with ACT Government services.  The aim of Access Canberra is to promote good governance and provide great service, with a particular focus on helping local entrepreneurs understand and comply with the regulations needed to establish a new business or hold an event.

The agency, part of the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, combines a number of other agencies into one providing easy access for the public of Canberra to interact with local Government services.  Access Canberra is at the forefront of the Government’s program of regulatory reform and helps drive red tape reduction.  Bringing together shopfronts, call handling, online services and regulatory functions is a significant reform in municipal services for the people of Canberra.

Pre-go live-IMG_4491In order to make this work, Access Canberra turned to NEXA to provide their Customer Experience solution.  Having worked with a number of Government agencies, NEXA already understood the key drivers for change and knew how to interoperate that into the solution provided.  Working to extremely tight timescales, NEXA were able to deliver the solution on date and in budget.

The Gungahlin shop is the first installation and marks the beginning of a new streamlined way for the community to interact with the ACT Government.  The new shopfront is located on the ground floor of the Government office block and features an open plan layout without barriers between staff and customers. This allows customers to easily interact with staff over low counters promoting higher quality conversations and improved service delivery for complex needs.


Access Canberra Mission Statement:

“To deliver to the community high quality, integrated information, payments, services and emergency support on behalf of the ACT Government”