About Workforce Management

NEXA understands that optimal results in Workforce Management are delivered by experts invested in the process, and by engaged leaders with a clear strategy for daily and long term Workforce Management.

Our approach is collaborative and consultative, and our experience is hands on. We leverage extensive knowledge from working in and with large organisations to develop, implement, and sustain Workforce Management tools, systems, teams, and processes.

Workforce Management includes:

Customer Arrival Forecasting
Manage customer and workflow with historical trends and real-time variables that predict expected arrival rates.
Staffing Allocation
Integrates with Customer Arrival Forecast to provide optimal staffing recommendations.
An outcome of Customer Arrival Forecasts and Staffing Allocation, Rostering offers a user friendly interface for generating staff rosters.
Health Checks
An independent and objective evaluation of Workforce Management in action with actionable insights for producing long term Work Force Management benefits.
Time Studies
Critical understandings and validation of the workload, operating rhythms, and resource demands on every Work force.

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