NEXA’s Healthcare solution on show at Blacktown Hospital

NEXA were commissioned by Western Sydney Local Health District to implement and extend NEXA’s Patient Journey Optimisation Platform as part of the Blacktown Hospital Redevelopment Program into the new Clinical Services Building. As a key solution forming part of the digital hospitals strategy implemented at Blacktown Hospital, NEXA continues to work as a technology partner [...]

Our operating room scheduling & management solution – watch the video today

Committed to optimizing patient journeys and throughput, NEXA tackles complex patient-centric-care delivery processes and streamlines them to enhance patient experience and healthcare provider performance. Our latest medical process-improvement concept video is out and we’re excited to share it with you so you can better understand how we can help your Operating Room Scheduling & Real [...]

A sneak peak at queue management software of the future

For the hundreds of hospitals, tertiary education campuses, federal and local government departments and councils, business and other organisations we have had the privilege of working with over the last decade, our queue management software solution Q-Flow V5 has been a game changer. It has automated appointment bookings, reduced wait times, increased operational efficiencies, made [...]

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey

Customer needs product/service. Customer sees that your product/service fits their need. Customer buys product/service from you. Is any exchange ever that simple? We can assure you that most of the time, it won’t be. Which is why, rather than focusing on simply trying to funnel your customer to a single end point via one well-trodden [...]

“The world doesn’t just disappear when you close your eyes, does it?”

In the movie Memento, Leonard Shelby, can't remember anything that happened more than 15 minutes before. This condition leads him to take actions of grim consequences. Like Shelby, customers can't follow and remember everything related to business processes that involve them, especially when these happen in the back‑office, BPM‑part of the customer journey. These back‑office [...]

There’s a lot you can do even if you can’t “e” the patient…

Patient satisfaction comes first, writes customer experience expert and thought leader Micah Solomon in a Forbes article articulating the best ways healthcare providers can move forward in establishing their patients as happy and satisfied customers. While many aspects of healthcare delivery are being digitised to save costs, improve service and enable online and mobile access [...]

The Prince Charles Hospital go from strength to strength with NEXA

“Every day before we had Q-Flow we would have two queues, from the reception desks … out the front doors and this would impact on ambulance staff and other critical visitors… now we haven’t had one queue!  This has relieved front line staff for other activities and has immensely improved the patient experience.” Belinda Faulkner, […]